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The FindLaw Legal Dictionary – free access to over 8260 definitions of legal terms. Search for a definition or browse our legal glossaries. free and reliable legal information for consumers and legal professionals the #1 Spanish legal website for consumers At, we pride ourselves on being the leading source of free legal information and resources on the Internet. Contact us. To define a legal term, enter a word or phrase below. National Bar Directory and Legal Resources for Consumers The term «producer» is defined in section 966.8 as any person involved in the production of tomatoes for the market on their own behalf. According to the definition of `tomatoes` in Article 966(5), such production must have taken place in the production area. Section 966.22 provides that any person selected as a member of the committee or alternate must be a producer, officer or employee of a producing corporation. Section 966.27 provides that producers may vote for members and alternates of the Florida Tomato Committee, the governing body established under this Marketing Agreement and this Order.

Section 966.3 defines an individual as an individual, partnership, corporation, association or other business entity. The term «person» should be understood as referring to the business entity that produces tomatoes for the market. (d) Each corporation, whether an individual, partnership, «joint venture» or corporation, that produces tomatoes for the market shall have one vote for each vacancy for the electoral district for which it is entitled to vote. In the case of a partnership or «joint venture», such a vote will not be accepted without the unanimous consent of the respective members. In the case of a company, this vote is based on the approval of its board of directors. In the case of a person who owns land that he does not cultivate, but who acquires ownership of part of the tomatoes produced on that land as a lease for that land, that person is deemed to be the producer of that lot and is entitled to one vote and the lessee of that land is deemed to be the producer of the lot remaining produced on that land and is also entitled to one vote. (a) The prevailing principle in determining the «producer» is who or what interest as an entity, whether an individual, partnership, company, association or other commercial entity, is authorized to transfer ownership of tomatoes grown and included in the supply of marketable tomatoes. In other words, the conditions are limited to those who own the tomatoes produced in the production area.

3. Any person who owns land which he does not cultivate and acquires ownership of part of the tomatoes produced on that land by way of lease of that land. A person or entity that produces animal, agricultural or botanical products mainly through natural processes, but with some stimulation by nutrients, work, etc. Copyright © 2022, Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. directory of American lawyers with the exclusive Super Lawyers rating. ConditionsDisclaimerCookiesDo not sell my information (c) The term «partnership» includes a husband and wife in respect of land owned or leased by them as joint tenants, roommates, tenants altogether or, under common property laws, as common property, as community property. The term «partnership» also includes persons, partnerships or entities that enter into an informal or other arrangement for the purpose of growing tomatoes and that are authorized as a unit to transfer ownership of these tomatoes at or after harvest. The term «partnership» also includes «joint ventures» in which one or more parties to the agreement provide capital and other labour, management, equipment or other services, or a modification of such contributions by two or more parties, resulting in the cultivation of tomatoes and the authority to transfer ownership of the tomatoes so produced from that business entity to other parties in the marketing chain. (b) Producer is any person within the meaning of this article: Source: Merriam-Webster`s Dictionary of Law ©1996. Licensed with Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. 1.

Any person who owns and manages land giving rise to the ownership of tomatoes produced therein;.