Prisoners Legal Service

Prisoners` Legal Services of New York provides legal services to indigent inmates in New York State correctional facilities in cases where no other counsel is available. Cases handled by the program include prison issues involving disciplinary proceedings, medical care, guard brutality, mental health care, conditions of confinement, sentencing, probation, prison credit, immigration and clemency applications. We created the first list of legal services for inmates on the Internet. Can you create a similar list for another type of resource? PLS is actively working to support laws that strengthen the protection of prisoners` rights in Massachusetts. Our staff regularly speak at public hearings and work closely with legislators to make meaningful legislative changes. This is a victory for everyone. We have built up a database for legal services. What list can your organization edit? Visit our legal aid directory to find legal help, or chat with a LiveHelp representative to help you navigate the site. Our method: Inspired by the Cincinnati Books for Prisoners group, we created a list of all legal aid organizations on each list of resources we could find. Then, every year, we send a letter in the mail to each organization asking them to confirm/update their list.

If they respond, we will include them on the website for the next 365 days. All the organization has to do is sign the form we send them and return it in the enclosed envelope. If they don`t respond, we`ll keep them on our mailing list and try again next year. Area of Focus/Description: IJI advocates on behalf of convicted prisoners, juvenile offenders, wrongfully convicted or accused of violent crimes, poor people without effective representation, and others whose trials are marked by racial bias or misconduct on the part of prosecutors. EJI works with communities marginalized by poverty and discouraged by inequality, and serves the state of Alabama and the Deep South in general, working nationally on selected issues. EJI also produces reports, newsletters and manuals to assist lawyers and policymakers in vital criminal justice reform work. Assaults: Diggs v MiciThe plaintiffs are seeking damages for injuries sustained during a period of retaliation against prisoners and injunctive relief to prevent such cruel treatment from being inflicted again. Focus Area/Description: A government-funded, not-for-profit organization responsible for providing protection and advocacy services to persons with disabilities. Our solution: Have a list of resources that an organization reviews each year. LSPC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

All donations are tax deductible. The detainees` legal service has a very small staff. The typical ratio of detainees per lawyer at the PLS is over 1,500 to one. While PLS responds to requests for advice and guidance from incarcerated individuals and their families on issues, our work focuses on five key priorities: health care, prison conditions, solitary confinement, brutality and racial justice in correctional institutions. Plattsburgh 24 Margaret Street, Suite 9 Plattsburgh, NY 12901 518-561-3088 NCPLS and ACLU File Class Action Lawsuit Against State Use of Solitary Confinement Buffalo Office 14 Lafayette Square, Suite 510 Buffalo, NY 14203-716-854-1007 • Mobile Defense • Custody/Bail Procedure • Habeas Corpus • Motions for Review of Deportation Orders and Stays of Deportation Court orders NC to expand hepatitis C treatment in State Prisons NCPLS lawyers prove innocence of man unjustly imprisoned for over 30 years Sponsor the purchase of a bike and help us remind children of parents in care that they have a whole community of people who care about them! Information for inmates and their loved ones Problem: There are too many outdated resource lists. Prisons: Adirondack, Altona, Bare HIll, Clinton, Franklin, Governor, Moriah Shock, Ogdensburgh, Riverview, Upstate. This way, any inmate using the list can be sure that the organization they are writing to recently exists and has responded to emails. And if an organization doesn`t respond for any reason (staff turnover, mail problems, the dog ate our letter, etc.), they have another chance next year. The Equal Justice Initiative confirmed this listing on 29 September 2022. Prisons: Albion, Attica, Collins, Gowanda, Groveland, Lakeview, Livingston, Orleans, Rochester, Wende, Wyoming. It will take all of us working together and sharing our resources to finally eradicate these vestiges of slavery.

Join the collective: Abolition of collective bondage (ABC), today! Albany 41 State Street office. Suite M112 Albany, NY 12205 518 – 438-8046 . and advocating for a more humane criminal justice system. California citizens who have been convicted of a felony and released from prison can vote! On probation? On supervision? YOU CAN VOTE! North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services (NCPLS) is a not-for-profit law firm. Since 1979, we have been committed to ensuring access to justice for those incarcerated in North Carolina State prisons. NCPLS lawyers work to correct unlawful criminal convictions and advocate for safe, humane and constitutional conditions of detention. A report obtained by WBUR attempts to document what is often a hidden problem: sexual misconduct against women incarcerated in Massachusetts. Report describes women`s reports of sexual misconduct by employees in Massachusetts and prisons Ithaca Office 114 Prospect Street Ithaca, NY 14850 607-273-2283 The Prisoners` Legal Services of Massachusetts study is based on interviews with 22 women currently or formerly incarcerated in prisons and prisons across the state.

Of the women interviewed, the vast majority – 19 women – said they had experienced or experienced sexual harassment or violence while in detention.