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Baker & Hostetler LLP is `an A+ law firm where lawyers are well prepared, professional, impressive and extremely competent`. BakerHostetler announces that Ali I. Haque has joined the firm as a partner in their Columbus office. He will be a member of the firm`s Litigation practice group. As the leading cross-border law firm in the United States, our more than 700 lawyers represent clients in some of the world`s largest legal matters. Our successes include an unprecedented victory in U.S. Treasury Court for chipmaker Altera Corp. in a 15-0 decision that not only overturned part of an IRS cost-sharing order and saved Altera millions of taxes, but also set a new standard for IRS rule-making. Contact Jeremy S. Baker, a Chicago-based design and construction lawyer who worked in «large law firms» for 18 years before founding Baker Law Group. The strength of our firm lies in the ability to manage several areas of law that most people interact with at some point in their lives and life events. This is what makes our practice relevant to most people.

Our practice areas have developed organically and focused on possessing skills in the practice areas that our clients are likely to face. With combined expertise across multiple practice areas, we have built a team whose expertise spans the wide range of legal situations, making us particularly well equipped to support business owners, modern families and mission-driven clients. Our firm helps our clients create plans to help them (and their loved ones) in the event of disability or death. «This year`s new partner category is an impressive group of lawyers from different firms and offices,» said Paul Schmidt, president of the firm. «This fantastic new class will help us grow and become an even stronger company. I congratulate all of our new partners and look forward to working with them for many years to come. Jeremy is so attached to the new type of law firm that will thrive that he and his wife – who is also a former «great lawyer» with a solo law firm – have launched a consulting firm to help other lawyers: Operation PalmTree. As one of the leading commercial law firms in the United States, our reputation for experience, quality and dedication makes us an employer of choice for lawyers and professionals at all stages of their careers. The information contained herein has been prepared for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. This document describes the problems in general terms, and good legal advice required a detailed analysis of certain facts and circumstances. We are pleased to have the opportunity to discuss legal representation with readers of this content.

However, the publication of this content is not intended to establish a customer relationship, and the preservation of it does not justify it. We only accept customers after reviewing potential conflicts of interest and confirming the terms of our order in writing. We only advise our clients after these procedures have been completed. Do not send confidential information until you have spoken to one of our lawyers and obtained permission to send such information. The practice of law is at a crossroads. Big changes are imminent, even for lawyers who resist them. What has worked in the last decade will not be enough in the next decade. Many established lawyers and law firms will struggle. Only lawyers who «look up» from their billable task and ask – is there a better way? – will follow those who do. Baker Law Firm uses a customized and secure architecture of SaaS platforms that exchange data through APIs to streamline our workflows. If you share information on web links such as Contact, it will be displayed throughout our IT infrastructure. Our goal is to never type it again.

Our SaaS systems are convenient, robust, widely used and secure. Innovation is an important core value. This is a new type of law firm. This is a new type of law firm. Jeremy left one of the best jobs available – partnering at Schiff Hardin LLP, a leading law firm with elite lawyers – to pursue a positive vision of the future, technology and customer service. Our goal is to set the standard that other law firms will emulate.