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The official Twitter account of Hiroyuki Takei`s new Shaman King manga anime revealed a new look and cast for the anime on Thursday. The new cast members will play all members of X-LAWS. Members are grouped into units of three, which are also fully functional combat squadrons. In the shaman fight, the X-Laws fielded three such teams. Of the three, X-I was the most successful and qualified for the semifinals before being eliminated. The X-Laws have their own freighter, which they brought to the island where the second round of shaman fighting took place. It is equipped with chambers for all its members and has a large arsenal where they also store their replacement archangels such as Zelel and Azazel. The spirits of the two former members Luchist and Reiheit are much more powerful than the others and are called fallen angels. The X-Laws are the main group of antiheroes in the anime and manga Shaman King. Like Yoh and the other protagonists of the story, they oppose Hao Asakura. However, their methods are much more ruthless and harsh.

With the exception of X-I members, all current X-Laws are former military personnel. Most members use firearms as a means of subsistence. As one of the three main factions in the Shaman War, all members of the X-Laws wield considerable power. Many members of X-Law are former military personnel and, as such, well-trained and disciplined, and as a paramilitary organization, the X-Laws also maintain a large stockpile of weapons and equipment. Statistics on fallen angels Japanese name 堕天使 Romanized name Datenshi English name Fallen Ore Spirits Type Seirei Class Shaman X-Laws First appearance Chapter 213 (Manga)Episode 56 (2001 Anime)Episode 38 (2021 Anime) The Fallen Angels (堕天使, Datenshi) are the archangels of the defective members of the X-Laws. They come from «super sports cars» that have acquired a spirit of their importance to Marco Lasso and Luchist Lasso. They are called fallen angels because they are used by X-Laws members who defected from the group. Typically, its members use firearms as a means of summoning their guardian spirits, which are pseudomechanical angelic beings called archangels.

Archangels are Seirei class spirits with the ability to crush other spirits and are named after angels in the Judeo-Christian religion. Description: Former member of the SAS (Special Air Service). He was preparing a satellite in space, the SDI X laser, which was connected to his angel. He shoots from orbit at Hao, but he is deflected, and John is killed by Hao immediately after Hao tells him that all X laws have come together by fate. Before that, he, Porf and Larch went on a mission to kill Hao and were all killed. New cast members include: (Left column, top to bottom) Description: Lucifer means «morning star,» also known as Helel in Hebrew. He wields a large club in one of his hands and stands out strongly from the other nine archangels with his black colors, black wings and large claws. He is the first and with his Reiyoku level also the second most powerful of all archangels. His first appearance was when Luchist attacked the «X-I» and «X-II» teams on the Ark X. A trio composed of Benstar (Bunstar), Cebin (Kevin) and Miine (Meene). In the anime, they are killed during the X-Laws` final attack on Hao.

In the manga, Team X-III is killed early by Hao in a shaman fight when he challenges the entire group to attack him. Their souls and spirits are consumed by the spirit of fire in chapter 140. Reiheit is considered the most dangerous member of the X Laws because of his spirit, the fallen angel Azazel (堕天使・アザゼル), who has a Reiyouku level of 470,000, which is higher than the Fire Spirit Reiyaku level of 300,000. Hans Reiheit – An exiled and most dangerous X-Law with a Furyoku level of 470,000, with Hao`s level at and even 300,000. His angel Azazel can only be animated for 3 seconds, so Reiheit cannot defeat Hao, who has the ability to animate the fire spirit several times. He is also the guardian of the X-Laws` arsenal. Hans is known to be extremely handsome. Mea culpa. he was not killed when his Oversoul exploded. He finally saves ___?___ his life and ends up proposing to her. Needless to say, I think they live happily ever after.

*snooping* It`s not fair. I liked Hans first! Random fact: Marco can`t eat chocolate without coffee. Due to his huge Reiryoku level, Reiheit can only hold his Oversoul for 3 seconds, and if the Supersoul is destroyed, the resulting damage is enough to kill Reiheit. [7] X-Laws Statistics Japanese name X-LAWS (エックス ロウズ) Romanized name Ekkusu Rōzu English name X-Laws Leader Iron Maiden Jeanne First appearance Chapter 103 (manga)Episode 25 (2001 anime)Episode 10 (anime 2021) Total Furyoku 565,400 (initial)918,009 (final) The X-Laws (X-LAWS (エックスロウズ), Ekkusu Rōzu) is a fictional group in the manga Shaman King. It is a paramilitary organization founded by Luchist Lasso, whose goal is to eradicate all evil and suffering. During his team`s attempt to kill Hao by themselves, he hears Porf being killed by Hao via radio transmission. Terrified, Larch tries to escape, but is killed by Hao. Marco is extremely loyal to Joan and will stop at nothing to achieve what he believes to be the realization of Joan`s ideals of a world free from corruption and evil. Like Jeanne, he tends to see problems in black and white; Those who follow the X laws are considered good and those who do not are automatically evil and with Hao. The anime will adapt the 35 volumes of the new complete edition of the manga, which Kodansha published in print volumes in Japan last June.

The first anime adaptation of the manga was created in 2001. The X-Laws strongly believe in Iron Maiden Jeanne and her ideals; As a result, they are totally loyal to it and will stop at nothing to ensure that their mission is accomplished. Like Jeanne, they are convinced that they are saving the world from Hao`s corruption and evil. They will eliminate all those who stand in their way, believing that only those who join them are good. I noticed that almost all X laws were flawed. Other people in the manga are also skewed. What`s going on with all this impalement? It must be the preferred method of killing. Denbat, Porf and Larch commented that Marco was more of a dictator than a leader and believed he was changing his ways. The X-Laws were originally founded by Marco and Luchist, who is now a disciple of Hao.

With the exception of Jeanne, Marco and Lyserg, all of the X-Laws are former military personnel. All X laws are given to the Archangels by Joan when she considers them worthy enough and believe in the cause of the X-laws. During Team X-II`s attempt to kill Hao, John had prepared a test satellite in space, connected to his archangel using a laser called XDI, firing the laser from orbit on Hao and himself. The two survive because Hao managed to protect them. However, he reveals that they have all seen something forbidden and burns John`s entire body and soul with his fire spirit. Years after the shaman fight, Jeanne reformed the group into a charity. [1] The new Shaman King anime premiered on April 1 and is ongoing. Netflix will air the anime worldwide on August 9. The anime will have 52 episodes. O.S. « Azazel Lance (O.S. アザゼル・ランス)[9] Side note and something to think about: X`s worn on their shoulders are a practice similar to the popular crusade of 1095 AD, where the crusaders also wore an X-shaped piece of cloth on their shoulders to represent the memory of the heavy cross that Christ wore on Calvary.

Description: A shaman of the Kami class (God) and leader of the X-Laws. She spends most of her time in an iron girl, which keeps her in a constant state of near-death, which increases her strength, and she only goes out when she is desperately needed. Their guardian spirit was originally called Shamash, but the name was changed to Mash in the dub. Its name comes from Joan of Arc. She is a French orphan who was found by Luchist and given shamanic powers. The anime says she was a girl from the French countryside who received divine revelations while praying in a Catholic church, and a cross of light appeared and a voice said that the world would be destroyed if it was not freed from an evil force identified as Hao who tends to see problems in black and white.