Who Can Certify Documents in Alberta

As Canada`s leading digital notarial profession, Notary Pro offers online personal and remote authentication services, as well as virtual testimonials for wills and powers of attorney. Learn more about how we help our clients certify their documents. Send official documents and appointments by e-mail to receive an application: official.documents@gov.ab.ca. All law firms have commissioners or notaries (because all practicing lawyers are commissioners or notaries and usually some of their employees as well). Clerks are usually also commissioners and can help order court documents. If you are signing documents for use outside of Canada, the document must be sworn or confirmed before a notary. The location where the document is sent may also require an authentication certificate. This certificate confirms the status, signature and seal of the notary. To obtain a certificate, contact the Office of the Assistant Provincial Secretary. Getting a certificate can take some time depending on whether you submit your application in person or by mail, so make sure you don`t leave it at the last minute! According to Service Canada, you must send certified photocopies of the original documents instead of the originals. However, if you need to send the original documents, you can do so by sending them by registered mail. Once your documents are received, the office will return the originals to you. In general, Service Canada will only accept a photocopy of an original document if you provide it in a readable format and if someone confirms that the documents are an authentic copy of the original document.

The notary who is a judge or lawyer can also draw up deeds, contracts and commercial acts, such as: a promissory note, a witness, a certification or a testimony. Please note that you cannot certify photocopies of your own documents. You also can`t ask your parent to do it for you. If someone above certifies your documents, they must meet the following criteria. You must: Your documents can be certified free of charge by Service Canada staff. You can certify your documents at any Service Canada Centre. An Edmonton notary is an official appointed by the provincial government to ensure the authenticity of signatures and help partially deter fraud. Notaries attend the signing of important documents and verify the identity of the signatory(s). They also confirm a person`s willingness to sign the documents and their knowledge of the content of the document or transaction. The main function of a notary in Edmonton is: Official Documents and Appointments 111, 9833 – 109 Street Edmonton, AB T5K 2E8 Tel: 780.427.5981 Email: official.documents@gov.ab.ca If you are signing documents for use in another province or territory of Canada, the document must normally be sworn or confirmed before a notary. A notary may perform these functions for documents intended for use in Alberta, elsewhere in Canada and abroad.

Commissioners must indicate the following on all documents they order: The following persons are also commissioners by virtue of their functions: Oath-taking agents are appointed under the Notaries and Commissioners Act. To apply for the position of Commissioner of Oaths, you must: NOTE: You do not have to pay the filing fee if you are employed by the Government of Alberta or Canada or an agency of either organization, the Métis Settlements General Council or a Métis settlement or municipality. Notaries are part of our legal system. Any notary can: Oaths are often used to confirm the veracity of a written statement (called an affidavit) used in court, probate or land title cases. To be valid, an oath must be taken before an oath officer or notary. The following are examples of government-issued identification that will be accepted with your application to the Passenger Protect Recourse Office: Before applying, read the Application Process and Examination Criteria for Notaries Public and the brochure Information and Instructions for Notaries Public, both prepared by the Government of Alberta. You can search the Internet (Google!) for commissioners of oaths and notaries. You can also check out the Yellow Pages. Document authentication for other jurisdictions and countries When visiting a notary or notary by location, a particular process can be expected to authenticate or order a document.

present valid identification (valid government identification. If you are appointed Commissioner by the Minister, your term will expire on the 3rd anniversary of your birthday after the date of your appointment. Check your certificate of appointment for the expiry date. All lawyers practising in Alberta are also notaries. Law students, judges, judges, lawyers, members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Members of Parliament from Alberta and Canadian Senators who resided in Alberta at the time of their appointment to the Senate are also notaries. The Minister of Justice and the Attorney General administer both programs for citizens who wish to apply. It sets the application criteria and, if necessary, deals with renewals. The Ministry has also established a code of conduct for notaries and commissioners. Please note that to avoid delays, you must provide all the above details. Otherwise, your application may be rejected and you may need to start from scratch and provide a suitable new copy.