Where Can I Sell Used Law Books

For example, you can sell law school textbooks in Facebook groups for first-year law students. Also, you can save money on shipping costs by selling to someone locally, as you can meet the buyer in person and hand over the books for cash. If you`re lucky, someone will take the old books off your hand and save you time on the pedals. Law students are beggars by definition, and many new lawyers are worse off because they now have to pay off their student loans. Unless you have a first edition of Black`s Law Dictionary, these old books are probably only good for decorating in your office. They look great on a white wall until someone notices that they are criminally outdated. Then they are simply embarrassing. It might be just as difficult to get these law textbooks, constitutions, statutes, etc. because the prices are high. The solution is to buy second-hand law books: it`s much cheaper and more durable. Browse our collection of books for sale or rent, you will surely find what you need for your studies. You can eastvillagebooksny@aol.com ISBN numbers via email and note defects such as wear, water stains, markings such as highlighting or underlining. You will need to enter the ISBN (with the barcode on the back or inside the copyright page, which usually includes approximately the third page).

Do not insert hyphens between numbers. Do not send photos of the book or barcode. If you only have one book, you can call us with the ISBN. The offer we make to you is for a book in very good condition with no or few notes, or if you provide us with an exact condition, our offer is for that condition. When you arrive at the store, you must let us know that you have an offer. Amazon charges $40/month for a seller account? Are you sure that these fees are not reserved for people who intend to sell on Amazon on a large scale? I sell my old case books on Amazon and have never heard of these fees / I had to pay something like this. The bookseller with the largest number of retail stores in the United States is also a marketplace where you can bring old law textbooks and exchange them for cash. It is one of many students` focal points for quality learning materials. Barnes & Noble`s selling process is as simple as most stores that offer buy and sell options. Their prices are also competitive.

However, they require you to have at least $10 worth of textbooks to sell. As a law student, you can earn extra income by selling books online – if you know how to do it right. Don`t throw away or keep books just because you wrote notes on them. This is one of the rare occasions when you don`t influence the value of the book with your doodles. Services like Cash4Books offer a way to sell old textbooks online. Enter the ISBN of your book, and they`ll tell you what it`s worth. This traditional bookstore is thriving and coexists with the online bookstores of the publishing industry. In addition to selling used textbooks, they also offer entertainment materials such as movies, music, collectibles, and games. Half Price Books has a fairly simple book sales process. Just go to your local Half Price Books and bring your stock of old law textbooks.

Staff ensure that potential buyers get value for their money by considering two main factors. HPB will then offer you an offer based on the state of the book and current demand. This is a common technique in online sales, and you may even come across enthusiastic shoppers who know where to find cheaper books online. If you`ve sold books online, you probably know that it can be complicated and frustrating. You have to do everything yourself: anyone enrolled in law school knows that you have to be armed to the teeth with law textbooks to get through all the courses, pass the final and become an excellent specialist. Where can you find all these books? You`re already where you need to be – that`s where you can buy, rent and sell all sorts of manuals, including those for your track. You`ll find a wide range of buyers on Amazon, one of the most popular sites for selling anything. However, prices on Amazon can make it a bit difficult to sell used books there, unless you`re selling books at a decent price. Once you`ve determined the charges, you can post photos of your books, their details (including their status), and wait for someone to add them to the cart.

If you have law textbooks, the library of your local law school may pay a pittance for them. But they`re not the only ones trying to turn your trash into money. It`s better to offer your beloved books than to let them gather dust on your shelf. You`ll be surprised how many students will benefit from your decision to sell your beloved books. You have been active in the book trade since 1972. The company has more than 120 stores across the country. Some people are nostalgic for old printed books. Don`t be that person when it comes to your outdated law books.

However, your condition is that you should have at least $10 on textbooks for sale. If it is persistent, you can use a soft toothbrush. However, it`s best to keep it safe where the dust can`t go. Most people don`t log into the world`s most popular social networking site just for entertainment purposes. Of course, it`s still a bottomless source of viral videos, memes, and messages about friends and family. But it has also become a host for different groups where people come together based on common interests. You can be part of first-year law student Facebook groups and put your textbooks up for sale. This is a common practice in online selling, and in fact, you may only encounter willing buyers who know where to get cheaper books online. You can also use Facebook`s Marketplace feature, which allows you to list items. Once a user searches for the exact items you`ve published, the algorithm connects you to a potential buyer closest to your location. Selling to someone near you can save you money on shipping costs because you can meet with the buyer to personally hand over the books and receive money in return.

If you want to sell used lawyer books for cash, we can also help. Visit BookDeal.com and we will help you buy your books. If you want to get a higher payout for your books, you need to make sure they are dust-free. If you enter your law textbook`s ISBN on Chegg, you`ll have instant access to many citations from your books on the website.