Punjab Legal Drinking Age

Goa, on the other hand, has a casual consumer culture where people can have a drink or meet over a beer with their meal – even at the youngest age allowed to drink, 18 in the state. The age of alcohol consumption should be set at 30 years. It has also been observed that when a person starts drinking alcohol at the age of 18, they become addictive, which continues throughout their life and negatively affects their family. The Government of Haryana amended its Excise Duty Act and lowered the legal age to buy, sell or consume alcohol from 25 to 21. An amendment to change the age limit was adopted on the last day of the winter session, Wednesday, December 22, at the Vidhan Sabha. Lowering the drinking age in New Delhi is part of the process of developing a new alcohol sales policy in the city. Delhi government ministers on Monday presented recommendations to the state cabinet, which were adopted. Anyone who thought that young people should be excluded from alcohol consumption until the age of 25 refused to keep up with changing times. Thus, in order to synchronize with changing realities, inequality within the age limit should be eliminated. The relevant regulatory frameworks should be rewritten by the competent authorities. The drinking age should not be lowered. Alcohol is not a tonic or a mandatory drug.

In theatre, we hear again and again that alcohol consumption is harmful to health. Why, then, should we think about reducing age? Let the other states follow us. He, too, believes that lowering the official drinking age for teenagers and the early 20s won`t change much. Instead, he hopes it will create more safe spaces to drink alcohol. If people can`t drink at home, at least they have places to go where they may be more exposed to alcohol consumption label. With this move, the nation`s capital joins the majority of Indian states that have 21 as their legal drinking age. While in some states the age limit is as low as 18, some have it at the upper limit of 25. In some states, alcohol consumption is prohibited. The UT administration must lower the minimum drinking age from 25 to 21, as Chandigarh is a modern city visited by a large number of tourists. In addition, at this age, a person becomes more mature to cope with the effects of alcohol consumption. By raising the minimum age to 25, the authorities will only encourage alcohol smuggling.

S Mukesh Bala, a marine engineer from Chennai, accepts Tamil Nadu`s legal age of 21. «The restriction keeps alcohol consumption at bay. For example, the legal driving age is 18, and there will be a few people driving in front, but fear will prevent many,» he says, adding that it is important that the law is enforced. In Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Pondicherry, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh and Mizoram (where the ban was lifted in 2015), the legal drinking age is 18. To educate her about the negative effects, he took her to a withdrawal center and also showed her reports from the Criminal Investigation Bureau. «The barriers come down with alcohol,» he says, citing alcohol-related crime as a concern. The whole country should have a legal drinking age. Liquor sellers should verify the age of consumers. The objective of maintaining a minimum age is to reduce alcohol consumption among young people. Only strict and sincere application of the law can do magic. Those who sell alcohol to minors should be severely punished.

Increase alertness. The legal drinking age in Karnataka according to the Karnataka Excise Department 1967 is 21, but according to section 36 of the Karnataka Excise Act 1965, the legal age to purchase alcohol is 18. Chandigarh is an educational center. The majority of students are in the 16 to 20 age group. They come to study, not to drink. Therefore, in this regard, it is not necessary to give relaxation in relaxation. Delhi`s Sonia Sharma finds the government`s decision to lower the legal drinking age from 25 to 21 amusing. There are also the unhealthy habits, such as binge eating, and dangerous behaviors, such as driving behind, that accompany alcohol consumption. The legal drinking age in India and the laws governing the sale and consumption of alcohol vary greatly from state to state. [1] In India, alcohol consumption is prohibited in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Nagaland[2] and Mizoram, as well as in the territory of the Union of Lakshadweep.