Bc Business Names Search

A search for a partnership in British Columbia will provide you with the names and addresses of all partners, as well as the business addresses of the partnerships and the type of business. Many entrepreneurs struggle to find the right business name. After all, the pressure is immense. Choose the right name and you will be unforgettable. Choose the wrong name and you are doomed to darkness. Choosing a business name doesn`t have to be difficult if you follow the steps below. Your three company names, listed in order of preference, are checked and compared to the existing names in the register. Selections of names that can be confused with an existing name, that are identical to an existing name, or that do not meet the basic criteria are rejected. Once your decision is made, you will immediately begin to develop your enthusiasm for the new name. Your name is your first step towards building a strong corporate identity that should last as long as you are in business. Keep in mind that professional naming companies spend between six weeks and six months choosing a business name. You probably won`t have much time, but plan to spend at least a few weeks choosing a name. The first step in registering or incorporating a business is the approval of the company name.

This process combines name search and approval. Approval of a name is at the discretion of the Registrar of Corporations. Note: Name approval is not required if you use the company number as your company name. The company name is assigned by BC Registries and Online Services. Before you register your name, check if the website domain is available. You don`t want to have a website URL that`s different from your business name because it`s confusing to the customer and makes you harder to find. Put aside your shortlist of names for a day or two, and then come back to it with a new perspective. You may feel different about a name you used to like, or your work list can help you come up with a perfect new name when you review it. Three Naming Options It is recommended to submit three company name options in order of preference for each name approval.

Your first choice of name, if available, can be approved and retained for a period of 56 calendar days. After approval, you will receive a name reservation number to use in the company registration process. A type of BC business search is a summary of the BC company. A B.C. business summary is the equivalent of a business search or a B.C. business search that is conducted when you want to receive information about a business registered in British Columbia. This type of search will not give you any information about a sole proprietorship in British Columbia, a partnership in British Columbia or, whatever name they are sometimes given, a business name search in British Columbia. In other provinces, they are called business searches, business searches or business profile reports. Another type of bc business search that can be obtained is to search for a registered bc company name. This service provides you with information about a sole proprietorship, including the name and address of the sole proprietor, the address of the company, and the type of business. You will find that you cannot determine ownership of a B.C.

business by getting a summary of B.C. activities or a B.C. business search. This is confidential information in British Columbia and you will not know. However, if you do a search for a B.C. corporation and find that there is only one director and officer, that person is usually the owner. Of course, you should never assume that. If you are considering a name, your first port of call should be the commercial register. The business register lists the names of all businesses registered for the province and can quickly and easily tell you if the name is already taken.

The names of sole proprietorships, partnerships and database administrators are not displayed because they are not protected. Once your name is approved, your company name is reserved for 56 calendar days. However, remember that if you want to grow your business anywhere in Canada or even around the world, you need to inquire with every province and country, not just where you are. This type of search also allows you to search for a business name registered in the name of a company registered in British Columbia. For example, a British Columbia corporation or a corporation that was founded elsewhere but is registered to do business in British Columbia may register a company name other than its own corporate name. Information on these types of company names can be obtained through a search for business names in British Columbia, including the name of the company, the address of its head office and the type of business. It is important that you know the exact name before ordering the search. If you have any concerns, send us a short email telling us that you want to do a search, but first want to check the names in the folder to make sure you order a search for the correct name.

BC`s registry and online services staff are available to advise you on how to complete submissions that meet the requirements set out in the legislation. Registry staff do not provide commercial or legal advice. If you require professional advice, please contact a lawyer or accountant. A well-known example of this is Lululemon. This Canadian company is registered as Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc. Publicly, however, they are only known as Lululemon or Lululemon Athletica. In British Columbia, businesses and organizations must have their names approved and reserved before they can proceed with the incorporation, registration, merger, restoration or change of name. Use a name Until you start your business or register your sole proprietorship or partnership, you should not invest money in the name, such as: signs, printing, advertising.

The name is only in reserve and can be deleted before incorporation or registration. It is important to know that company names registered as a general partnership do not have the same protection as company names. A company can be registered under the same name as a company – but a company name will not be accepted if it can be confused with a company name. Preliminary name search It`s always a good idea to do a preliminary search. The main reason is that you can check if there is a name that directly conflicts with the name you suggest. The cost is negligible compared to the real name booking request and you may be able to save money if a direct match is found. During this time, you will need to gather information and fill out the forms to register or start your business under your approved name. A fee will be charged if you need to extend this booking period. Once the booking period has expired, anyone can accept the name and start their business with that name.