Attendant Costs Legal Definition

Classify activities and their costs as direct or indirect. § 8111: Additional compensation for services provided by accompanying persons or vocational rehabilitation (a) The Secretary of Labor may pay an additional amount not exceeding $1,500 per month to an employee who has received compensation if the secretary deems it necessary, if the secretary determines that the service of a journeyman is constantly necessary because the employee is completely blind. or has lost the use of both hands or feet or is paralyzed and unable to walk, or because of any other disability resulting from the injury that makes him so helpless that he needs a constant presence. (B) a guardian, personal representative or other person legally authorized to act on behalf of an eligible public servant, his or her estate or one of his or her surviving dependants, or indirect costs, represent expenses of the business activity that cannot be easily identified with a particular grant, contract, project function or activity, but for the general functioning of the organization and the execution of the the activities it carries out are required. Theoretically, costs such as heating, light, accounting and staff could be charged directly if small meters could capture minutes in cross-section. Practical difficulties prevent such an approach. Therefore, cost allocation plans or indirect cost rates are used to allocate these costs among revenue streams. (b) A claim for legal or other services provided in connection with a case, claim or compensation under this subchapter shall be valid only if approved by the Secretary. (c) The liability of the United States or any instrument thereof under this Subchapter or any extension thereof with respect to the injury or death of an employee is excluded and supersedes any other liability of the United States or instrument with respect to the employee, his/her legal representative, or his/her spouse, dependants, their next of kin, and any other person otherwise entitled to: U.S. or Instrument damages for injury or death in direct legal proceedings, civil actions, or admiralty actions, or in administrative or judicial proceedings under a workers` compensation law or federal tort law. However, this subdivision does not apply to a master or crew member of a ship.

Identify all activities carried out by the department or unit and associated costs. All activities must be included, regardless of the source of funds used for payment. (c) in addition to the contributions for the maintenance of the Workers` Compensation Fund required under this Section, the United States Postal Service or a joint venture within the meaning of Title 31 Section 9101(2), or any other corporation or agency or instrumentation (or its operation) that is required by law to submit an annual budget under Title 31 or Under Chapter 91; pay an additional amount for its fair share of the administrative costs of this subchapter, as determined by the secretary. In respect of such corporations, agencies and instruments, the fees collected by the Secretary under this section shall include an additional amount for such costs, which shall be paid to the Ministry of Finance in the form of miscellaneous revenue from authorized sources and in the manner otherwise provided for in this section. It is both impractical and unfair for us to face lawsuits (and associated costs) for individual contributions from third parties. (f) Notwithstanding funeral and funeral expenses paid under section 8134, an amount of $200 must be paid to the personal representative of a deceased employee within the meaning of section 8101(1) of this Title to reimburse the costs of terminating the deceased`s employee status as an employee of the United States. Integrate costs allocated to departments or units using the Central Service Cost Allocation Plan. (b) Before 15. In August of each year, the Secretary shall submit a declaration to any U.S. agency or instrument that is or may be entitled to compensation under this subchapter, or any extension or application thereof, indicating the total cost of workers` compensation fund benefits and other payments during the preceding period of expenditure from July 1 to June 30 as a result of the violation or of Death. employees or persons under the jurisdiction of the Agency or the instrument. Each agency and instrument shall include in their annual estimates for the year beginning the following calendar year a request for an allocation equal to the costs.

Amounts allocated as a result of the application are paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund and credited to the Fund within 30 days of their availability. A body or instrument which is not subject to an annual allocation shall make the payment required in this Subsection from the funds under its control during the first fifteen days of October following the submission of the declaration. Where an organization or instrument (or part or function thereof) is transferred to another body or instrument, the costs of compensation and other expenses paid by the Fund as a result of the injury or death of the personnel of the transferred organization or instrument (or part or function) shall be: included in the costs of the required entity or instrument. In other words, indirect costs are costs that are not classified as direct. Direct costs can be determined specifically with specific cost objectives such as a grant, contract, project, function or activity. Direct costs typically include: the associated cost avoidance due to this reduction in CDI is estimated at over £500,000 per year (based on £4,000 per episode of CDI [5]). If an injury or death for which compensation is payable under this Subchapter is caused in circumstances that create a legal obligation to a person other than the United States to pay damages, and a beneficiary who is entitled to compensation from the United States for such violation or death, money or other property to satisfy that liability as a result of a lawsuit or settlement received by the beneficiary or on its behalf, the beneficiary shall reimburse the United States, after deduction of the costs of the action and reasonable attorneys` fees, the amount of compensation paid by the United States and shall record any excess of future compensation payments payable to it for the same damages. No court, insurer, attorney or other person may pay or distribute the proceeds of such action or settlement to the beneficiary or its agent without first satisfying or ensuring the satisfaction of the interests of the United States.

The amount reimbursed in the United States will be credited to the Employee Compensation Fund. If no compensation has been paid to the beneficiary, he writes the money or property on the compensation paid to him by the United States for the same damage. However, the beneficiary is entitled to retain at least one-fifth of the net amount of money or other property remaining after deduction of the costs of a claim or settlement; and, in addition to this minimum and at the time of distribution, an amount equal to reasonable attorneys` fees proportional to the reimbursement in the United States. Communication costs such as long distance calls or telegrams that can be identified by a particular label or activity. Calculate the interest rate by dividing the remaining total indirect costs by the direct cost base chosen to allocate the indirect costs. The most commonly used basis is the Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC). I tried to imagine a time when such images would be common, when China could no longer load itself on a declining America and would be forced to rise to great power status with the associated costs and sacrifices. Thanks to this work, the industrial partner was able to modify the surface properties of the catalyst in order to significantly reduce the amount of dimethyl ether produced and the costs associated with recycling methanol. (d) The Secretary of the relevant Military Division shall cooperate fully with the Department of Labor in the prompt investigation and prosecution of a case in which a third party other than the United States is held legally responsible.