Are Fireworks Legal in Rohnert Park Ca

All fireworks are illegal in unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, as well as Cotati, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sevastopol, Sonoma and Windsor. In most areas, authorities can impose fines of up to $1,000 per violation. Opponents of the measure said the ban would cut funding to local nonprofits, arguing that personal fireworks do not pose a wildfire risk. They collected enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot to overturn the council`s decision, but were defeated at the ballot box. This fourth of July will be the first independence celebration to ban the use of personal fireworks at Rohnert Park, and the city is asking residents to drop off their fireworks before the holidays. Last September, voters supported a ban on state-approved fireworks, often referred to as «safe and reasonable» fireworks that don`t fly or explode like sparks. The vote confirmed an earlier decision by city council to ban personal fireworks. «We need your help. We need to make the lighting of illegal fireworks socially unacceptable,» Tim Mattos, director of public safety, said Tuesday night during his bi-monthly «Chat with the Chief» webinar on Facebook Live. «I ask you to abandon your neighbor.» Residents can drop off their fireworks from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 18 at the site of the city`s future downtown, 6400 State Farm Drive.

EDITOR`S NOTE: This story has been revised to correct that Cloverdale is the last community in Sonoma County without a personal ban on fireworks. Boxes filled with fireworks were dropped off at the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety – some were deemed «safe and reasonable» by the state. Others are considered explosives that have never been legal. All fireworks, including safe and healthy, are prohibited within the city limits and in the surrounding areas of the unincorporated county. Police and firefighters will enforce these regulations and issue citations to the culprits. This year, the vegetation is extremely dry and even a small spark can start a big fire. Please be wise. «We have irresponsible people in our community who think it`s okay to light illegal fireworks and let the sparks fall on people`s homes,» Mattos added. «This is unacceptable. We must work together to keep our community safe. Rohnert Park and Cloverdale are the only municipalities in the county that allow the use of state-approved fireworks. All other types of fireworks are prohibited in these areas.

«We hand them over to Cal Fire, and then they`ll make our arrangement for us,» Koffler said of the fireworks. Last September, voters in Rohnert Park approved Bill D, which banned the sale and use of fireworks in the city. Ministry officers have also been firefighters and are aware of the dangers associated with fireworks. On Saturday, the department gave residents the opportunity to get rid of fireworks that got stuck in the camp. If a spark from a sparkling or fireworks display falls on dry vegetation, fire is almost a certainty in these current conditions. Personal fireworks are banned in all communities in Sonoma County except Cloverdale, where council members decided in late May to let voters decide the fate of fireworks this fall. Keep in mind that on July 4, all hands will be on deck for the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety — with officials actively patrolling neighborhoods all night, looking for people to break the law by lighting fireworks. «We ask that no weapons, torches, ammunition, etc. be handed over at this event,» police said. «If you have items to drop off or are unable to attend the fireworks depot, please call us at 707-584-2600.» The sale and firing of state-approved fireworks is permitted within the city limits.

Any other use of fireworks (illegal – by air, flying over the ground or exploding) is prohibited. Law enforcement teams will patrol the city and issue quotes for the possession and unloading of illegal fireworks. Report illegal fireworks to your local law enforcement agency. SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — State-approved «safe and healthy» fireworks are banned in Rohnert Park at all times — with a focus on the fourth of July. This comes after residents voted last year to support pressure from the city council to ban all fireworks, given the potential fire risks in drought conditions. «With our extreme drought, the use of fireworks is not only illegal, but more dangerous than ever,» Steve Mosiurchak, the county`s acting fire marshal, said in a press release. «As you know, heavy fireworks in Rohnert Park are illegal, including safe and healthy,» public safety officials said.

«With the drought hitting us and the hot, dry grass around us, help keep Rohnert Park safe.» All fireworks are illegal. During the Fourth of July celebrations, the Sonoma County Sheriff`s Department will strictly enforce the ban on all fireworks, including sparks, in unincorporated areas of the county. If you are found with any type of fireworks, you can be arrested and you can be fined, jailed or both. Fines and penalties increase if you are in possession of fireworks classified as dangerous. Rohnert Park`s Department of Public Safety has asked residents to report illegal fireworks this year via the Nail `em smartphone app, available for free on Apple`s App Store or Google Play, according to a Facebook post from the ministry.